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skip the date

Skip The Date website is fun in theory but many men join the site without a game plan and without knowing the best practices to get laid. As such, these underprepared men very rarely get laid from these sites. It is completely possible and even common to skip the date and find a casual sex partner quickly but you need to know what you are doing.

Scoring on a hookup site involves approaching the situation just right and to help guide you through that we have come up with this quick how-to.

Use The Right Website

There are many different hookup sites on the internet, some of them are well-known while others aren't. You will also find useless and scam websites among these. In order to get hookups when you want them you need to find the right "Skip The Date" website. Spend some time researching the options that are out there.

Editor's Pick - TinSexApp is one of the best options out there, it has been among the top names in the casual sex websites. You will find a large user population with rich profiles on this site.

Set Up A Good Profile

Step one to meeting women on a hookup site is crafting a good profile. Your profile is the key to getting attention from women. Depending on what website you use you will want to custom tailor the writing portion to that. Hookup apps are more suited toward short profiles while others like online dating websites go much more in-depth.

When you are writing your profile leave out any mention of sex unless there is a specific question asked by the website in regards to sex. Yes, it is a hookup site but most women are looking for someone they can enjoy their encounter with on all levels.

We like to say that we aren't interested in looks but we are. Especially so on hookup sites. Your photos on your profile matter and you should make sure that you have quality pictures. Don't use selfies, they look cheesy. Instead of that have a friend take some photos of you. Skip topless and "sexy" photos and instead get photos of you engaging in activities that make you smile and that you enjoy.

Learn To Message

Messaging on these sites is similar to that of traditional dating sites. You don't want to talk about sex in your first message or even your first couple of messages unless she explicitly brings it up. Your first message is your chance to get her attention and make her interested in you. Either mention something catchy, reference something in her profile, or use your best pickup line.

Throughout your messaging you don't have to be 100% perfect with your grammar and spelling but you should make your best effort to do so as most women do not want to be with a guy who appears uneducated. You can use spellcheck to help ensure that you are being as accurate as possible but a brief skim through your messages will help too.

Do your best to adapt to the person messaging you while being yourself so that you feed off her energy.

Be Yourself/Be Honest

Being open and honest is an important part of any communication and relationship, even one that is only going to be a night long. When creating your profile, messaging, and meeting up be honest about yourself. Don't try to make up lies or be someone you aren't, oftentimes it shows through even before you meet up.

An important thing to mention here is that you should never use a picture of someone else as your own. Not only is this obvious to find out, but you can also get in trouble for impersonating someone else if they find out.

Learn From Everything

Everything you do on a hookup site is an opportunity to learn. Obviously you will want to take note of what you do when you succeed but failures are also a learning opportunity. Sometimes you can even recover from a bad move if you are quick enough to learn on your feet.

It may be awkward at first but taking notes will help you to have something to reference when you are trying to improve. The more you try to integrate learning naturally into the process the better you will become.

Something you obviously don't want to do is take notes while you are hooking up, only after and during the cyber portion of the process.

Keep Your Profile Up-To-Date

Don't just create a profile and let it be, it is something that needs to be updated regularly. We all change and a photo of you from even a year ago can be telling, especially if your hairstyle has changed or your facial hair has changed. Not to mention if your weight has changed. If someone can tell that your photo is old it will be an immediate red flag.

Text profiles should also be refreshed occasionally to help keep it interesting and too not stuffy. If you try to get back with someone who has seen your profile in the past it will show that you never update your profile.

Don't Get Attached

A big red flag on any online dating site is appearing like you are too attached. Don't mention anything about relationships, long term, or wanting to see her again. If she wants to hook up again, let her bring it up. If you want someone for more than one night, use a traditional dating website or app.

Take everything in this guide to help yourself find your next hookup on a Skip The Date site. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to be yourself. If someone thinks that you aren't being genuine, they aren't likely to trust you. With that in mind, let us know if you have found something that worked well for you.

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