How To Hook Up Without It Being Awkward

As you go about exploring the world full of pleasure, you encounter different forms of relationships including one night stands and random hookups. Asking someone whether they want to hook up with you can be a bit intimidating. But, how will you get laid if you don't make the first move? What's better is that this is not the only kind of awkward situation that you will have to deal with as you go about hooking up. So, let's look at ways that you can minimize the awkwardness when you decide to hook up. 

Hook Up Without It Being Awkward

Accept that It Might Get Awkward

The first thing that you need to do is address and accept the fact that there will be a possibility of awkwardness when you hook up. You can either overcome it or be anxious about the whole interaction. Our advice is that you accept this beforehand so that you can go about having the time of your life.

Be Clear About What You Want

As you get into a hookup, be clear as to what you want from it. Ultimately, what you want is pleasure and a casual hookup. You can easily find a hookup buddy on those top get laid sites as long as both of your intentions are clear. You don't want things to get confusing and awkward when things get heated. Know what you want and then go ahead and get it. 

Don't Have Any Expectations

Be free of any sorts of expectations that you might have. This is not someone you've known or is not someone that you want to know more. The person is there only to fulfill yours and their needs, so keep your expectations on the down-low. This will ensure that you're not expecting them to go out of their way to please you. The less you expect, the less awkward your interaction will be and the less awkward you will feel in bed. 

Be Confident About Your Decision

The best thing that you can do to overcome all sorts of awkwardness is by owning what you're doing. Tell yourself that you're going to hook up with the person in front of you and make it happen. Being confident about it will not only add to your sex appeal, but you're also going to feel great about your decision. So, own your actions and have some fun rather than letting the awkwardness weigh you down. 

Don't Beat About the Bush

Get straight to the point when it comes to a hookup. Beating about the bush will only make things unclear and uncomfortable. Being clear about your intentions and putting it out there that you just want to hook up with them is the way to go about it. Lingering on and then eventually getting to the point is like you're giving way to awkward situations. Don't let that happen and stick to keeping things straight to the point.

Communicate throughout with Your Partner

This doesn't mean you start talking to them daily. What it means is that you talk to them in bed as you go about your hookup. This will help you understand whether things are sailing the way you want them to. Not communicating during sex can lead to some awkward situations. So, make sure that you talk to your hookup partner. This activity is for both of you, so you want to make sure that they're okay with whatever you're doing. 

Always Have some Sort of Protection

No loving if no gloving is the mantra that you should be chanting to yourself every time you decide to hook up. Don't put yourself in an awkward situation where you've made it to the room with your partner but neither of you has protection. If this does happen, laugh it off and leave the situation. You never should indulge in a hookup if you're not going to be prepared for it. This is why you should always keep contraceptives with you. 

Respect Each other's Privacy

The last thing you want to do is make sure you're respecting the privacy of one another. Whatever happens in the room should stay between the two of you and should never be a part of any other conversation with your friends. Both of you consented to the hookup, not to anything else, so make sure that everything is confined to the location only and between you two to make things less awkward for everyone. 

Practice these steps to ensure that you feel less awkward as you go about your hookup. Enjoy your time with your hookup partner by communicating, being confident, and respecting their privacy!


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