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Around the world, many people have flocked to Tinder - the biggest dating app. The problem we have is that Tinder isn't designed for sex dating. No matter how diverse it tries to be, there is no way to separate users based on their desires. That is why, since the creation of the app, people have been searching for a Tinder alternative like Tinder for Sex App. One that allows them to find casual sex encounters. is the new Tinder-like hookup app and sex dating site that promises to deliver users an experience very much like Tinder but specializing in casual sex.

Key Features

1. Adult Chat Rooms/HD Member Webcams.

2. Login without FaceBook

3. Live Model Chat.

4. The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Community

One purpose Tinder alternatives have been popping up around the world, but not all of them have taken to copying Tinder. Many have followed the traditional dating app idea then added a Tinder-like matching on the side. There are still full profiles, lots of information involved, and more. This isn't ideal for casual dating, you end up learning too much about someone that you are just there to hookup with.

People have been using our sex app to successfully hook up around the world. Many people have reported that they were able to find matches in their area. The app uses a devices location services to determine where a user is and from there finds other users that are nearby. People have said that they have problems finding users in their area, and only find ones in neighboring cities or states. This can happen in areas with small populations.

To help prevent spamming of the system, We limits free users to only 20 swipes per day. This is an improvement over Tinder where users often just swipe yes on everyone. Many other Tinder like apps have the same problem. This creates a lot of spam everywhere. It also reduces the amount of spam that you get from fake accounts. Fake accounts only work as long as they can access a lot of users.

Tinder Sex App goes one step further to prevent fraudulent accounts, they require you to get approval for your profile before it goes live. Unlike many other dating platforms, who give out their approval based on algorithms and verification methods such as email, We approves all of their members manually. That means a real person looks at every account before it is allowed to go live.

One of the great parts of the app is that it is anonymous. You don't have to show other users your real name. Instead you can have a fake name or username be the way that you interact. All you truly need is a username, age, gender, and location. From this you will have all of the information submitted to start finding a hookup.

Sometimes we don't want people to be able to pry into our personal lives. Whether it be family or friends, there are always those people who will open apps on your phone and try to look at what you have on your device. Our app allows you to use a pattern to unlock the app. That way, only you can use your app. No one can go prying. is available for both Android and Apple users on their respective stores. You can download the app for free then obtain a free membership.

Finding a good platform to hookup with other real people is always essential. There are too many dating platforms out there that make it awkward to be the user that wants to just have casual sex. Now with Tinder Sex App you can be amongst the majority in looking for what you truly want. There is no need to be cautious or to hide your true intent. With downloading being free and setting up an account both free and easy, why not give it a try?

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