How To Have Safe Hookups?

Casual relationships and other casual arrangements are the future of dating. Having casual sex can be extremely fun but it can also be dangerous. Taking the proper safety measures will help to ensure that you have a safe hookup. In fact, by taking some of these measures you eliminate 90% of the risk from the equation.

Lookout For Red Flags

When communicating with potential partners, you should always keep your eyes open for red flags before you meetup and during the meetup too. Red flags are things that make you feel uncomfortable but also other signs. If the person is aggressive, narcissistic, a jerk, manipulative, keeps asking for things you don't want, these are all red flags to keep an eye out for. A good amount of the time that a red flag is present, your brain will tell you.

Meet In A Public Place

No matter what kind of online dating you are doing, you should always be meeting each other in a public place. Even for casual encounters.This allows you to see your hookup in person and make sure that they are the same person that you were talking to online. It also helps you to get a quick judge of character to ensure that you feel safe around the person.

Where exactly could you try meeting?

- Starbucks/Cafe

- A Very Public Park

- A Bar

- Town/City Center

These are just a few ideas. Whichever location you choose is obviously going to be based off of your personal likes and dislikes as well as what is available in your area. You want to make it clear that while you are meeting in public it is not a date. Do not have any cute conversations, do not have dinner together, etc. or else you risk the other side getting the wrong message.

Leave Valuables Behind

Your wallet, rings, and other jewelry should be left behind when going to a hotel room or someone else's home. This helps to prevent you from leaving important items behind, it also protects them from being stolen. While most hookup encounters are completely normal and safe, it is always best to take steps to make it extra safe.

Limit Your Drinking

It is okay to drink before/during a hookup but it is important that you don't get too drunk. Getting drunk during a hookup can lead to bad decisions and danger. A level head will keep you on track and help you to maintain the other safety steps that we discuss here. Think about it, how many people make bad decisions when drunk? Have you ever made a bad decision when drunk?

Always Use Protection

Playing around without protection may feel fun at the time, but after it can be a real let down. Even if your partner brings with them an STD screening, you can never be sure that they haven't slept with someone else unprotected since the screening took place. Birth control, such as the pill, is also not 100% reliable. You should always use protection. Condoms are not expensive and they only take a second to put on. Want to change it up? Try female condoms.

Remember that condoms (for men) are one time use. Switch them out in between to make sure that you have an intact condom that isn't a risk.

Communicate Beforehand

It is always a good idea to set some time before your hookup to communicate your desires and what you don't want. This time allows you to make sure that both parties know what is off limits. Crossed wires during a hookup can result in a bad experience, injuries,and more. Letting the other party know that all you are looking for is a hookup will help to prevent emotional damage. Communication is key to any interaction you have.

If You Aren't Comfortable Say No

During an encounter of any kind you always have the power to say no. If you start feeling uncomfortable, feel free to tell your hookup no. No matter what kind of hookup you are having, nothing takes away your ability to say no. That includes BDSM.

Hookups are wonderful encounters with many benefits. One of the things that you want to make sure of though, is that you do it in a safe way. The tips that we have put forth here, Make sure to follow these tips and have a safe hookup!