How to Avoid Being Scammed on Tinder

One of the drawbacks of Tinder's massive popularity is that it attracts a lot of scammers. For most, this involves using bot accounts that pose as real people to scam unsuspecting users, who believe that they are chatting to a real person only to be tricked into giving their personal information or downloading malware.

Unfortunately, many of these scam bots are successful, as not everyone is aware of the risks or how to spot a bot in the first place. To help you avoid any problems, we have created a guide covering all the things that you need to know about Tinder scam bots.

Tinder scam

The Code Verification Scam is the Most Common

Perhaps the most common scam used by Tinder bots is the code verification scam. A bot posing a user chats with you for a while, before randomly asking about whether you have a verified profile, which is a thing that exists on Tinder.

They will ask you to verify your account via a link, which is sent to an entirely different website that requests you fill in personal info, including credit card info, to get verified. Sadly, anyone that falls for this is billed extensively for random fees and charges, so it's well worth avoiding!

Sometimes the scam isn't completed by a bot on Tinder but instead one that emails you with a similar link.

In any case, never click the link that a random match sends, especially if it is just a few minutes into a conversation. Any mention of account verification should be a clear message that you are dealing with a scam bot!

Bots Love to Send Links

There are many other types of bot scams on Tinder, and these do not always mention account verification. The process is similar, with a match simulating a conversation before sending over a link, usually to suggest somewhere private to chat or to play online.

Again, the link is merely a scam, usually sending you to some sort of app download page, online game, or other random service. The bot usually mentions something about chatting, gaming, or recommending a service which they link to - this is a warning sign that you are dealing with a bot.

Never trust someone asking to follow a link. Almost every normal person is one Tinder to date and hook up, not to try and peddle some game or random online service.

Tinder Scam Bots are Sometimes Difficult to Recognize

One of main reasons so many people fall for scam bots is because they are hard to identify. They usually stimulate a real conversation to great effect, especially when mimicking short and concise replies that are quite common with real people.

Thankfully, there are some clear signs that you can look out for to spot a bot before it is too late.


Accounts with just a few photos of attractive models in a professional setting are a big sign the user is fake. Real people have varied photos in different situations, so when just a few similar snaps of a gorgeous female appear you may want to double check.

Profile Bio

Another thing to look at is the bio. A lack of any information is a big warning sign, especially if it is paired with very suggestive photographs. Just a few words and photos on the account? Then double check to see if it's real!

Quick Replies

Quick replies are another clear warning sign. When you message someone and get an almost instant reply, then it could be a bot you are dealing with. Also, they might message you almost instantly after matching, so if they can respond faster than they type it might be a bot.

Ad Bots

If the user is pushing some random product then they are probably an ad bot. While not as malicious, they waste time and are a nuisance to deal with, although they tend to be easy to spot as the brand is featured in the name or bio of the user.

If you start chatting and their first reply is explicit, then you are also probably dealing with a bot of some kind. This prays on the fact a lot of people using Tinder are quite horny and looking for action, so be sure not to fall for it.

What to Do if You Find a Bot?

Making the effort to chat with someone only to find they are a bot is frustrating but thankfully you can report the account to Tinder. If you feel you are matched with a bot - which should be easy to identify once you know what to look for - simply un-match with them and then report as spam.

Beyond this, there is not much that you can do except to remain vigilant and try not to get disheartened if you are constantly matching with bots.


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