6 Biggest Online Dating Red Flags

Online dating can be quite overwhelming, especially for those who are just getting back into the dating world. A lot of different factors come into play. One of the most important things to learn is how to spot a scam or other red flags. To help with that process we have put together a checklist of online dating red flags for you!

Dating Red Flags

What Is A Red Flag?

First, let's address what a red flag is. Like in almost any other socail apps, a red flag in online dating is a sign that you need to be alert. Not everything is as it appears.

Knowing red flags before you start dating will help you to avoid potential problems and unsafe situations. At the same time, knowing red flags can help prevent you from accidentally displaying one. Now on to a list of the common online dating red flags.

1. Talking About Money

Money talk, especially quite early in conversations should be seen as a major red flag. One of the most common scams pulled on dating apps or websites is to build a connection with someone then just ask for money. Often times this starts off with comments about not being able to afford something, making less money then normal, or just losing a job.

If someone makes a comment about money and they are not asking for money directly, you can still proceed in developing a relationship, just be careful. And if they do ask for money, end the conversation there. It might be wise to also report the person.

2. A Lack of Personal Information

A person who does not provide personal information should be an immediate red flag and a signal that you need to move on. When we talk about a lack of personal information we are referring to people who always redirect the conversation back to you without providing any or very little information about themselves. You should know as much information about them as they know about you.

3. Lacking Patience

Another common red flag is when a match does not have the ability to display patience. This commonly takes the form of multiple messages being sent when you don't respond. Take a lack of patience as a serious sign that something is off.

After finding that a person appears to lack patience you do not need to stop messaging but you should proceed with caution. If they continue to display a lack of patience, it will likely be time to move on.

4. Flaking Out

It should be obvious that flaking out when it comes to communicating or meeting up is a big red flag. After the first time you may want to consider ending contact. That being said, some people decide to give a match a second chance, especially when they have a good reason for not showing up.

Should you determine the person deserves a second chance be cautious. A second time of the match flaking out, it is important to move on to the next person.

5. Displays Hypersexuality

Hypersexuality is an excessive focus on sexual activities and talk. Anyone, man or woman, who is hypersexual should be avoided. Especially when this is right off the bat.

Besides directly talking about sex there are other signs of hypersexuality you might start to notice. Constantly talking about the gym, getting out of the shower, calling you babe right away, or otherwise sending suggestive content. Anyone who is interested in serious dating should know that sexual talk is not something you should bring up right away on a dating site. If at all, until you meet up and develop a relationship.

6. A Profile Lacking Content

Whether you are looking at a guy's profile or that of a woman, you should evaluate the profile based on the amount of content. A real person will have at least a few profile pictures and a well-written dating profile. Anything less should be a red flag.

A very sparse profile with only one picture should be seen as likely to be a fake person. Should you stumble across a profile with only one photo but a very in-depth profile, you can talk with them but just be wary. Take into account other red flags you may encounter.

When dating online you will likely encounter a wide variety of people. To help protect yourself and ensure quality dates, make sure to learn to recognize these dating red flags. Almost everyone encounters at least one fake profile or scam when dating online, if you encounter one, make sure to report it to the online dating platform. Reporting allows the platform to remove the account but also helps to protect other users.

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