How To Turn Casual Sex Into A Relationship

Casual sex has long been something that wasn't talked about openly. That being said, with the more recent changes towards a more accepting society, people have more questions than ever. A number of those revolve around the world of casual sex.

Today we are going to address one of the most popular questions: how to turn casual sex into a relationship?

Ask To Spend More Time Together

Sex is great but many people can have wonderful sex together without getting along otherwise. Ask your casual sex partner if they would be willing to hang out outside of having sex. This will not only gauge their interest in being something more with you but will help you to determine if you are truly compatible.

Start of with small activities. Things that friends might do together. Unless you want to be obvious and risk being shut down, try to avoid date-like ideas and spend this time as just friends. Don't think about your sexual relationship.

Try Going Away For The Weekend

A weekend away is a great way to focus on sex and having some mind boggling intercourse. However, on a weekend trip, you are bound to communicate more than you would if you just hooked up.

While it is important to remind yourself that it isn't a date, it is a great time for you to explore whether or not you are compatible. It is also a good chance to learn more about each other. Just make sure that you are going away for the weekend with someone that you trust.

Be Open And Honest

You find yourself starting to develop feelings for your casual sex partner. Your first instinct might be to hide those feelings. That is often a big mistake. No matter what kind of partner you have, you want to be open and honest with them.

Hiding anything will give your partner a negative impression of you. In addition to that, they are less likely to want to move into a relationship if you hide your desire. Most partners are able to tell when their casual sex buddy is trying to hide feelings. They start to act different and even talk different.

Don't forget to take the time to explain why you feel like you want something more with them. Is it because of shared interests? The fact that you enjoy spending time with them? Maybe because you just want to get to know them better? Any of these answers work, so do many others, or a combination of multiple answers.

Don't Beat Around The Bush

It is tempting to start asking about what it would be like to be in a relationship. Or maybe to start hinting that you want a relationship. In most cases you shouldn't start dropping hints. Hints and beating around the bush will only lead to confusion and bad things.

Come straight out and ask about turning your casual sex partnership into something more.

Leave Social Media Out Of It

One of the big parts of casual sex is that you are just there to have fun with each other. You don't involve friends and don't even get to know each other's friends. Until you are something more or FWB, you want to leave each other's social media alone.

That means don't start commenting on all of her pictures or leaving comments. It might be best that you not even friend each other on Facebook unless that is the only way that you communicate.

Explain To Them That You Already Know Each Other

During casual sex you get to know your partner intimately. Even if you don't know their personal life in as much detail as their friends, you get to know them in a way that most of their friends never will. Explain that you want to continue to grow this bond by moving into a relationship.

Turning casual sex into a relationship isn't an easy task. No one way works with everyone. Take the tips that we have here and mold them until you think that they will apply right in your situation. A tailored approach for your partner will make them more likely to say yes.


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