Why Dating Apps Don't Lead To More Casual Sex

Dating apps are the best way to meet a partner in the modern world. People are too busy to go out and date in a traditional way. In addition to that, the modern culture is already used to using apps for everything else, to make dating by app a norm, is only a natural step.

What a lot of dating app users wonder though, is why dating apps don't lead to more casual sex. Casual sex is wonderful and enjoyable but it is true that most dating apps don't lead to that much casual sex. Let's talk about why that is true.

Most Dating Apps Aren't Made For Casual Sex

Dating apps are designed for just what their name implies, dating. These apps take people and compare them with each other using their profiles and suggest who will be a good fit. A good fit for a relationship.

Other apps have allowed for casual sex, such as OkCupid but they were not originally designed for that. Most users are on there to find a partner or at least go out on dates.

Casual sex is great and a healthy part of life. That is why more dating apps are coming out specifically for those people who are looking for casual sex. Choosing one of these apps is your best way to find casual sex online.

You Aren't Asking Right

Many dating site users who want to have just casual sex go about it the wrong way. They start their conversations out with making a sexual comment or asking for sex. Even on a casual sex website, asking this way will not get you sex 99% of the time.

Instead, you want to start with an ice breaker or joke. Make the person interested in talking to you. If the dating site has profiles, include something from the profile to show that you read it.

Just using the word hello is as bad. People want to know that you are more with it than that. You don't want to have sex with someone who doesn't seem able to communicate more than a word at a time. Others don't either.

Your Profile Picture Isn't Right

A lot of casual sex inquiries stop simply because your profile picture isn't ideal. Half naked profile pictures and greeted up bodies might be hot, but they aren't what most people are looking for. They want to see that you are an attractive and interesting person.

It doesn't hurt to make swimsuit pictures an alternate picture, but some people might view that negatively.

You Aren't Messaging The Right People

On dating sites that allow you to mark yourself as interested in casual sex, it is easy to message the right people. You simply search for those with that mark. On all other dating sites, you can't just message everyone and hope that someone responds.

Look at other people's profiles and determine if they mention anything about enjoying sex. That is one of your first signs that they may be interested in casual sex. A profile that says that they are looking for something that isn't serious might also be someone interested in casual sex.

A Lack Of Anonymity

One of the biggest reasons that Craigslist Ads was perfect for casual sex was that it provided users with a sense of anonymity. You could communicate through Craigslist email forwarding and not even have each other's email address. You didn't need a face picture, and everyone knew what you were looking for.

Most dating apps don't allow you to go without a picture, and when you do, people get suspicious of you. A large majority of those looking for casual sex just want to have sex and not worry about getting to know the other person beyond that.

These are some of the biggest reasons that dating apps don't lead to more casual sex. For those that want a simple answer, it is because these apps are not designed for casual sex. Dating apps are designed for dating.

If you want to have casual sex with an app, you should look for an app that is specifically designed to match you with someone for casual sex. More and more such apps are coming up.

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