Free vs Paid - Which One to Choose?

Finding hookups online is a rapidly increasing trend. There are many people who are using online sites to find the best hookups with whom they can spend some quality time. However, there are also some who have been unable to select a reliable hookup site only because they are confused that whether they should go for free services or paid. No doubt both free and paid hookup apps have their benefits and drawbacks. Here we have the comparison that will help you in the selection of the best dating app.

Variety of Features

When you will select a free Hookup app you might not get as many features as you want. There will be several options that are still restricted or not available in the free dating site. In this situation, you will be stuck with what you have. However, with the paid hookup app you will get the access to all features available online. You will not have to worry about any restricted features. As well as the system is upgraded on a continuous basis and you will get more features with the paid hookup app as compared to free apps.

Guaranteed Results

You will be surprised to know that there are guaranteed results available on the paid hookup app.

1. On the free apps, you are on your own. No doubt there are several options available but you might have to wait for months to find the right one.

2. On the paid hookup app, you will get a guarantee that in how many days or months you will find your perfect hookup.

3. In case you have been unable to find the right hookup they will not charge you for the services for the next few months and assure that you will find the girl you have been looking for.


One of the biggest concerns that most people have when it comes to free or paid hookup apps is that which one of them will provide them better security. No doubt the developers of both sites are working hard to provide their users with a secure platform because that is the only way they can generate results that they wanted in the first place. So, we can say that the level of security you will get with the paid and free hookup apps is almost the same. You will not have to deal with any issues regarding it.

Search Results

Do not forget to pay attention to the search results that you are getting. When you are on the paid hookup apps you will only get the opportunity to search for the category of people you have selected. You will not get a chance to search in other categories because you have not paid for it. This might limit your search results. However, on free hookup apps, you will not have to deal with such issues. You will get the freedom to search for anyone you are looking for. There are no restrictions when it comes to search results. You can easily enjoy your time the way you like.

It is important that you select the hookup app that you are most comfortable with. If you are on a tight budget nothing can better than a free hookup app site because you will not have to worry about its features. However, if you have the budget and you need some extra features than you must get paid hookup app because it will meet your demands perfectly. Compare the features and security you will get at the hookup app before selection of the best one.


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