Things You Didn't Know About Tinder

We all know Tinder is the most popular dating app available online. It is helping people find their perfect match. People are using Tinder to find dates and that is how the success rate of the app increases. However, everything in this world has a secret. Having you ever wondered that what are the things that are hidden behind the face of Tinder. Here we have a list of a few things you never knew about Tinder.

Hot People Come First

Tinder is basically attracting you to spend more time on the app. The more time you spend the more money they can make. However, to make it possible you will be shown the hottest profiles first. There will be 10 to 15 profiles that will be hottest and all these people have not swiped right for you. It is just to create an illusion that there are more hot people available on Tinder. Once you will pass the hot people, you will come across the list of all the people who have already swiped right for you. After all, Tinder is here to make matches.

A Lot of People Are a Cheater

You will be surprised to know that most people on Tinder are cheaters. In the beginning, there were 45% singles on Tinder but with the passage of time number of cheaters have increased. Most people want to cheat on their partner because they are not satisfied or there are some other issues. There are some individuals who have already cheated on their partner and they got caught. It means that the next person you might be planning to date is a cheater. But we should give everyone a chance because people change for the best.

You Have An Internal Score

Do you remember the old days when boys used to score girls and girls did the same with boys it seems like Tinder is going to bring back the old memories once again? There is a special Elo score system that will score everyone using Tinder based on how many times they have been swiped right and how many people they have swiped took two months for Tinder to introduce this technology. They will not be revealing your score but there is a system who is continuously watching your moves and scoring you only to decide whether you should be shown to hot people or not.

Things Can Sometimes Get Tough on Tinder

You should know that on Tinder things can get a little tough sometimes in the following situations.

1. There are some individuals who like to share pictures of their private parts. You will never find out until you swipe right.

2. If you are old and looking for someone to love. It will get hard for you on Tinder. For old people using Tinder is like wasting their time.

3. Even gay people find it hard to find perfect dates. There are no special options on Tinder due to which they often waste their time.

4. Tinder is not the site for hookups. It will be hard for you to find one on Tinder if you are looking for. Even if you try chances are you will end up in another type of mess.

No doubt Tinder is good if you are planning to start a relationship or looking for someone you can date for a long time. Otherwise, there are various other alternatives available. Assure that you select the one you are most comfortable with. Do not waste your time on Tinder if you think that it is not the right platform to fulfill your needs.


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