How To Get Over First Tinder Date Nerves

Going on a first date is always nerve racking but going on a first date from Tinder is often more nerve racking. You haven't meant your partner in person and that can reduce your confidence. Every day people from Tinder meet, and many of those have first Tinder date nerves.

On the other hand, some people never experience first Tinder date nerves. Why is that? Here are some of the ways that people get over first Tinder date nerves.

Realize That Your Partner Is Nervous Too

Everyone gets nervous on a first date, that doesn't mean that you can't control it. The first step to getting over nerves is to realize that your partner is nervous too. Both of you are in the same position and that is something that you can use to break the ice.

A good joke about being nervous can go a long way.

You Already Did The Hard Part

There are many different parts that go into dating. What many people don't realize on their first date is that they have already achieved the hardest part. You got the first date. Use this accomplishment to fuel a positive view on your first date. Remind yourself of this to get yourself focused.

Go On More Dates

One of the only ways to completely eliminate nerves is to go on more dates. The more dates that you go on, the more experience you gain. After enough first dates, it becomes natural. Everything in life works that way, the easier it becomes. Plus, you never know which first date will lead to something amazing.

Keep The Date Simple

Complex dates that rely on a lot of things to go right are the worst for first dates. Dates that require the weather to be right, proper timing, or other people have more things that could go wrong. Everything that could go wrong will go through your mind.

Keep first dates simple. A coffee or drinks. Anything more complex than that will keep you worrying. Most people will be freaked out if you ask for a more complex date anyways.

Remember To Breathe

When we get nervous, one of the first things that we forget to do is breathe regularly. Forgetting to breathe will do nothing but cause you more unease and stress. Remind yourself to breathe. Learning controlled breathing methods such as those taught in Yoga work great. Just do so without making it overly obvious.

Three deep breaths is a great way to center yourself and they can often be done unnoticed.

Get The Pep Talk

Many of us need motivation in order to get ready for a date or any other nerve racking task that we want to take on. Ask a friend to give you a pep talk. Have them tell you why you are great, how you are going to do great, and that you need to relax. Friends ask each other to do stuff like this all the time.

If you don't have a friend around who can give you the pep talk, give one to yourself. Talk yourself up, psych yourself up. In other words, you are helping yourself realize that a first date isn't as daunting as your brain makes you think it is. When you find yourself thinking about the reasons that the date could fail, go over the reasons that it could succeed in your head. Don't forget to include the fact that you are awesome!

Going on a first date is definitely nerve racking for most of us. It doesn't have to be that bad though. Following these steps will help to reduce your nerves for any first date. That includes a first Tinder date. If you are all focused on your nerves you won't enjoy yourself. Enjoyment is one of the most important parts of your night out and your date will surely notice if you aren't enjoying yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and succeed on your first date. There is nothing to be worried about. The worst that is going to happen is that you will have another first date. As we mentioned, experience only makes you better.


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