How to Make Her Want You Badly Over Text

When you are in a relationship, you talk to your girl on call and you chat with her on messages also. You spend most of your time with her she does the same with you also. She wants your attention and you guys move along with these sweet moments and after these sweet moments even enjoy meeting with each other.

When you guys meet you, both tends to have love between both of you and enjoy loving each other. After sometime you get use to each other's love and bodies that it is tough for both of you to stay away from each other.

Sometimes you girlfriend can act weird. She doesn't want to meet you and tries to keep some space from you. It can be very tough time as you are badly looking for her to love her or to have sex with her. On this time all you can do is to chat with your girl and spend time with her. You can only sit back and wait for the time when she will say yes to meet again. Sometimes this break is prolonged. So, in this situation you should know the tricks you need to use to make her want you badly over the text.

Here are few things you can do.

Talk Sweetly

Girls like it when boys talk with them in a sweet manner. You should never show that you are getting irritated with them or you don't like anything with them You should always look to behave in a better way with them. Make them smile and make them feel that you are very happy to be with them and watching them happy. If girls are satisfied having your love and care she will not be able to wait a long time to meet you.

Chat About Good Memories

This is also very important thing. You can chat with your girl and discuss about the past days you guys spent with each other. You can start with the days you guys spent outside eating some kind of meal or playing some game. And you can discuss about all the activities you guys did in the past.

After talking normally, you can come to the point to discuss about the love moments you both enjoyed in your life. You can discuss about the nights you both spent in the past doing sex or loving each other. Talk about everything you guys used to do while having sex. You can discuss from start to end about those beautiful nights and show a feeling that you really want to meet her.

Safe Flirting

When you are talking to a girl online it is important that you know how and when to flirt. No doubt that girls like the guy who are sweet and carrying but if you are not able to flirt chances are you will never get her. It is important that you are humorous. You have to share a few jokes with her that you know will actually make her laugh the next thing you need to do is start flirting. However, you have to assure that you keep it safe. As soon as you notice that she is getting irritated, it is better that you come back towards being funny because girls love the funny guy.

When you are texting make sure that you are not being rude. You have to avoid talking about yourself because girls prefer to be with the guys who listen more than they can talk. So, pay close attention and you will easily find out what she wants.


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