6 Craigslist W4M Personals Ads for Women Looking for Men Nearby

Many will know that Craigslist has shut down its W4M Personals section. Because of the anonymous nature of the section, there was the fear that it was used for sex and human trafficking, something that Craigslist felt it had a duty to act against.

While it's easy to understand the main reason behind shutting down the section, it's left a space for the W4M market. Where do people go now but still get to remain anonymous? Where can I go to look for casual encounters near me or even look for a potential partner?

Fortunately, there are other options out there. Here are six excellent Craigslist W4M Personals alternatives to check out.


#1 AshleyMadison

Let's start with one of the most infamous anonymous casual encounters sites around. This is the best personal site forĀ a horny housewife looking for a man to have some fun.

AshleyMadison is a dating site that's aimed at those looking for affairs. Everything is anonymous. You're even encouraged to sign up via an anonymous email, one just specifically for the site, to keep your affair a secret.

This is a no judgment zone. You can look for someone who is married or you may be married yourself. It's a place for those who just want a little fun in the bedroom and the site is extremely easy to use.

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#2 AdultFriendFinder

Looking for an "adult friend?" Someone who is going to offer a friends with benefits or a casual hookup relationship? You can head over to AdultFriendFinder for that. The highly popular dating site is perfect aimed at those looking for one-night stands or casual hookups, making it the perfect alternative for the Craigslist Personals section.

You can sign up anonymously if you'd like. Get to know people online and then look at meeting them in person. This is also a site you can use on the go, allowing you to hook up when you're away somewhere overnight.

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#3 Doublelist

Doublelist is one of the newer sites around. It's completely free to join and works like all the other dating apps, but it says it's better. The downside to Doublelist is that you can't really check it out before you sign up.

There is one stipulation on the site: no sex work allowed. This is a site that's aiming at those who just want the casual hookups or friends with benefits. It sounds like it's going to work on preventing human and sex trafficking, offering a safe space instead of just closing everything down like Craigslist's Personals section.

Doublelist works similarly to Craigslist's Personals section. You post an ad and wait for the responses. Or you can respond to ads on the site.

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#4 Bedpage

Bedpage isn't the most user-friendly option, with an old-school look when it comes to webpages, but it is effective. It works like the Personals section on Craigslist, allowing you to post an ad to show that you're a woman looking for a man, or whatever else you're looking for.

You can click on the area you're in and look through the various ads on the site or add your own. There are sections for escorts, looking for a man/woman, looking for fetish interests, and much more. This is designed to keep things as simple as possible so you can find, anonymously, anything that you want.

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Classified Ads

#5 Classified Ads

Like Bedpage, Classifed Ads is set up in a way that helps you find the exact interest you're into. Whether you want dating, one-night stands, or more, you'll be able to click on a section and look through the ads. There's also the option to create your own if you'd like.

There's no need to give up a lot of details. It's best if you create an anonymous account for the site so you can chat before you meet anyone offline. You'll feel like you're using Craigslist when on Classified Ads.

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Oodle Personals

#6 Oodle Personals

Finally, Oodle Marketplace has a mixture of a dating site and a classified ads section. You'll be able to look through the people on the site before signing up, making sure there are people in your area. When you do sign up, it's free and anonymous. You can do all the chatting through the site, allowing you to get to know someone first.

It's possible to be clear from the profile with what you want. There are even sections such as "Casual Encounters," "Relationships," and more so you only find the people interested in the same as you.

Don't let the removal of the Craigslist W4M Personals section get you down. There are other alternatives and the six above are your starting points.

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